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Smart Heated Palm Massager

Smart Heated Palm Massager

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  1. Charging : Before your first use, ensure the product is fully charged using a DC5V 1000mA charger or an isobaric power bank. It takes approximately 5 hours to charge. A red light flashes during charging, and it stays on when fully charged.

  2. Power On/Off : Toggle the ON/OFF switch to activate the massager. You'll hear a sound when it turns on. Remember to turn it off when not in use or after extended periods of inactivity.

  3. Massage Modes : Use the MODE button to switch between the three modes: hammering, acupuncture, and pulse. It defaults to hammering mode. Press the MODE button to cycle through the modes. Each mode starts at level 1, and you'll hear a beep when adjusting the intensity or switching modes.
  4. Intensity Control: Use the "+" button to increase the intensity and the "-" button to decrease it. There are 16 intensity levels. When you reach level 16, pressing it again will make two beeps, indicating the intensity remains unchanged.

  5. Mute Mode : Press and hold both the "+" and "-" buttons simultaneously for about 2 seconds to activate the mute mode (remote control doesn't have this function).

  6. Hot Compress : Press the temperature heating key to activate the heating function. There are three temperature settings: 38ᄚC, 42ᄚC, and off. They cycle in that order. Note that heating won't work while charging.

  7. Auto Shut-off : If you haven't touched the device for about 1 second during use, it will automatically return to its previous setting.

  8. Usage Timer : After 15 minutes of use, the massage mode will reset to level 0, while the hot compress remains unchanged.

  9. Low Battery Indicator : When the product's battery is low, a rapidly flashing red indicator light will appear. It's time to recharge.

Product size: 140x141x57mm
Power: 8W
Input voltage/current: DC5V1000mA
Lithium battery capacity: 2400mAh
Material: ABS, stainless steel, PU
Function: Promote blood circulation, massage palms, relieve mouse hands and hand fatigue
Function: Pulse, acupuncture, massage, hot compress, warming hands, soothing mouse hands
Cleaning method: Wipe with clean wet wipes
Power supply mode: USB
Control method: Mechanical
Color: White, pink
Massage techniques: Slapping, tapping

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1 * Hand Massager 

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