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Levitating Desk Moon Lamp

Levitating Desk Moon Lamp

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No Batteries Needed!

  • Powered by electromagnetic induction.
  • No wires or cords connecting the lamp to the power supply.

A Dance of Colors!

  • Moonlight transitions between white, warm white, and warm yellow hues with each gentle touch.

Effortless Illumination!

  • Simply connect the base to power and flip the switch.
  • The moonlight automatically lights up when placed on the base.
  • It stays on as long as the power remains connected.

Whirl in Wonder!

  • Watch the moonlight gracefully rotate once it's stable.

Eco-Friendly Brilliance!

  • Moonlights use fewer electrodes compared to traditional lamps.

Experience the future of lighting with our Levitating Moon Lamp today!

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