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Compact Sponge Squeegee Mop

Compact Sponge Squeegee Mop

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1. Single-handed control for effortless cleaning, ensuring clean hands.

2. Effortlessly achieve thorough dehydration with a ring pull-push design.

3. Its sleek, space-saving design allows for easy storage, adding a touch of modern elegance.

4. Utilizing eco-friendly cotton and degradable technology for an environmentally conscious choice.

Product information:

Material: Plastic
Mop material: biodegradable cotton head
Corrosion resistance: Class 9.0-9.9
Dehydration rate:90%-100%

Style details:
Style 1: cotton heads 3pcs + squeeze handle
Style 2: cotton heads 2pcs + squeeze handle
Style 3:cotton head 1pcs + squeeze handle
Style 4: cotton tips 3pcs


Sponge heads with the logo or without the logo are randomly shipped

Size Information:

Packing list:

Sponge mop*1 Set/ Sponge head*1

Product Image:

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