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Explore Subic Part 1: Kamana Sanctuary, Treetop Adventure


Considering that we have a new baby and a 5 year old, a romantic out of town getaway was never in our list. Just when it felt like my wife and I would never spend our anniversary alone by ourselves, anytime soon, we’ve managed to pull it off. We needed to break our yearly routine of having dinner dates for our anniversary. Go somewhere that’s near Manila, but far enough to feel that we did go out of town. Subic was definitely top of our list, being only 2 hours away. We decided to just do it, and we had the time of our lives.

We’ve been to Subic countless of times, but it’s just our first time for us to enjoy Subic with just the two of us.

We went there early in the morning to avoid the weekend traffic in NLEX, everything was pretty smooth. We arrived Subic around 9 AM and we didn’t waste a minute of our quick weekend anniversary getaway. As planned, we head straight up to Treetop Adventure Subic.


Facing my fears @ Treetop Adventure Subic

As common but as real as it gets, I have a huge fear of heights, but as usual I’ve managed to talk myself into it. I romantic attempt to make our anniversary this year super special, I decided to try my, FIRST EVER, zip-line! I’ve been to some crazy roller coasters in my life but I am dead scared of being suspended up in the trees (and cliff), in a rope, using overused harnesses. But I did it! And it kick started our anniversary! In fact not only did I try their superman zip-line, my wife even got me riding the silver surfer zip-line which was more longer, slower and intense. I’ve had my kungfu grip all ride.

It didn’t take me long to drive away from Treetop Adventure, because I didn’t want my wife to start persuading me to try the Tree Drop. So we went straight to check in our accommodation in Kamana Sanctuary Resort.



A Romantic weekend @ Kamana Sanctuary

The resort really is a sanctuary. Like for real, in order to reach the resort you’ll have to go through Ilanin Forest. A huge long forest where you’ll see nothing but huge trees and monkeys roaming around (Drive carefully). Both of us loves nature and going through the forest was already a jaw breaking experience but reaching Kamana was definitely something that exceeded our expectations. For the record, our expectations wasn’t that high, having not much of an impressive reviews on travel review sites, and having a limited amount of blog and vlogs showcasing the resort, we had to lower our expectations.

It was late in February that my beautiful wife and I decided to celebrate our anniversary this year going out of town. A super upgrade from our usual dinner date especially that we now have a new munchkin in our team. It felt that we’d never be able to spend our anniversary out of town anytime soon, but we pulled it off.

A serene private resort with breathtaking views with an unforgettable infinity pool (best so far). Kamana really is a hidden sanctuary; found deep within Subic. It really is surprising for me that I haven’t read much about the resort.

I must say that I did a good research about the place before heading there, and I actually knew what room to ask for and they gave it us which made the trip even more worth it! The view is amazing. And as most reviews say about Kamana’s room, their HUGE, spacious and super comfortable. It is easily one of the best, if not the best, room that we’ve stayed on. If you want to know what room we checked in, send me an email and I’ll gladly share it to you.


Kamana held an evening buffet that night for a few extra PHP, but we opted to have our dinner served in our rooms. It is our anniversary and we wanted to just have a few drinks and enjoy one of the best views the Subic has to offer.


Subic day 2 @ Kamana Sanctuary

Comes morning where we were greeted by a lovely morning sunshine and Subic’s fresh sea breeze! We didn’t waste our time and headed down to have our breakfast. My wife and I both agreed that their breakfast buffet spread was really great! She had her salads and pretty much every carbs she can get her hands on, and I went full carnivore as usual and had a mountain of bacon in front of me. I was counting calories but found myself helpless to their crunchy treat.

After breakfast we decided to explore the resort and it was much livelier in the morning. The monkeys from the surrounding forest we’re also in the beach I believe to scavenge. I was holding a few bread with me that time because it has always been a thing for me (and my brother) to go swimming attracting fishes. Don’t judge me, but I instantly thought I’d share some of the bread to these wandering monkeys and boy did I regret it. The sign don’t feed them really was a warning after all. A few monkeys suddenly grew to a dozen and before I know it, it was an army of monkeys in front of me, aggressively asking for food from me. Don’t be stupid like me.

Since I couldn’t do anything but indulge a huge breakfast earlier, burning calories was the least that I can do. After walking around the resort we decided to go kayaking and explore the shore. It was fun, as expected with the calm waves of Subic, they also offer a pedal boat and aqua cycle if that’s your thing.


We just rested and enjoyed the day after that. Staying in Kamana and trying out Tree Top Adventure was the best decision that we’ve made, Subic as usual never disappoints. We love our trip so much that we decided to go back to Subic a week after this anniversary trip, this time spending time in Acea Resort. I will be making an article about it soon.

I hope you enjoyed reading about our Subic escapade and if it encouraged you to travel to the destination feel free to share it to me by sending a hello to my email . Godbless!


Eych Cudilla

Eych Cudilla

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