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Monday is Chest Day! My Basic Chest Exercises


It’s Monday and the worlds international chest day of the week (lol), that’s why I decided to write an article about chest workout/exercises that I usually do on my chest days. Chest workouts are pretty much the most basic workout there is and (almost) everyone that decides to go to a gym knows how to do a bench press. But there’s more to a chest day than lifting an overweight barbell on your first day, check out these basic chest workouts to completely work on your chests.

1.    Barbell/Dumbell Bench Press

The king of chest exercises. Any bro should be able to do it simply by looking at the bench alone. The barbell lets you generate the most power in lifts so it lets you move most of the weight. This workout focuses on the mid-section of your chest. You can use dumbbell for all the presses as well alternatively.

2.    Incline Dumbbell/Barbell Press

Incline presses are more focused on the upper portion of your chest, I do prefer using dumbbells for my incline presses. I always change my routine from using dumbbells to barbells every other week to create variety on my workouts.

3.    Decline Barbell Press

I’ve always used barbell on this however. I just feel that it’s easier to finish resting the barbell than pulling yourself up with a dumbbell especially when there’s no one available to spot you.  I also find that I can easily control heavy lifts on my decline presses using a barbell.


4.    Dumbbell Pullovers

This is considered a back and chest workout but I’ve always do this on my chest workout days. The exercise focuses in your main chest muscles or pectoralis major.  Most people that I see on the gym does the cross bench pullover (which can be seen on the video below) but I prefer to do my pullovers on a straight bench. I just didn’t want to keep it fancy and I feel that I do heavier lifts on a straight bench.

5.    Cable Fly/Dumbbell Fly

I often use the cable machines for my chest flys, following a suggestion from a vid that I’ve seen by 50 cent and Kevin heart. They both suggested that it’s best to use cables for your flys. Also, I rarely use dumbbell for my flys because of an article that I’ve read that it is an awful chest exercise which has a high risk of injury.

Well, there you have it. Even though chest workouts are the most basic and easiest workouts in the gym, everyone will agree that it is the most satisfying. In fact I find that gains on chests are the most noticeable which helps in motivating and encouraging you to do more. Always keep in mind that your chest is on of the bigger muscle groups and do need plenty of rest in order to have gains so I suggest resting for at least 3 days before you hit your chest muscle group again.  I also suggest diversifying and mixing up routines week after week. Simply changing from barbells to dumbbells would work great, but I do suggest doing research and learning more chest exercises. That’s something that I hope that I can provide for you guys in the future. Keep it up and work on those gains!

Eych Cudilla

Eych Cudilla

Eych is a father of two, a loving husband and a fitness enthusiast that is on a journey to get leaner and live a healthy adventurous lifestyle.

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