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Start Your Fitness Journey with Dumbbells


One of my biggest steps when I started working out was buying my first sets of dumbbells. I can still remember going to the mall, going from a sports store to another canvasing how heavy (how much plates) can I afford and how much it will cost me. Until I did, I was so excited to get back home and use them and the first night that I felt so accomplished.

Of course, I didn’t buy those dumbbells completely blind of what I am going to do about them. I did my research beforehand and I was convinced that buying my first dumbbells are all that I needed to get myself in shape. It was true, I did get shape just by using my dumbbells back then and I still love using these bad boys in the gym even till now.

Why dumbbells, and how good are they you ask?

A lot of bros would agree with me that dumbbells are one of the greatest gym equipment that a fitness buff can own. Here are a few important reasons why you should get your own set of dumbells right now!


1.    Versatility – Dumbbells can work out the whole body

This alone makes dumbbell KING! Little that every beginner knows that you can train your full body with these pair of bad boys. Do dumbbell presses for your chest, bent over rows for your back and hold them beside you doing squats. Dumbbells can help train any part of your body.


2.    Low cost – Dumbbells as cheap as F

Heck, all I needed to buy when I started lifting weights with dumbbells were the dumbbell bar and plates and bench pressed and flied my chest that night and it felt glorious. I’m pretty sure that a barbell or buying cable machines would cost less than that.


3.    Unilateral Training – Dumbell trains both arms effectively.

I believe this is one of the biggest advantages of training with dumbbells, in fact, I prefer using dumbbells more than barbells when doing my chest workouts simply because I felt that I’m putting more effort on my dominant hand on my lifts. Using dumbbell for your workouts will level out the playing field for your less dominant hand eliminating imbalances. Have equally powerful big guns.


4.    Safety – Dumbbells are safer for beginners.

Just the other days, I missed and failed a heavy set on my declined barbell press. Good thing that somebody was on the gym with me to spot me out and prevent any serious injury. This wouldn’t be the case if I were using dumbbells, simply let go, and stand up.


5.    Impressive – Last but not the least, dumbbells makes you look cooler!

Have you ever been to a friend’s home with a barbell, have you ever tried using it? Imagine your friends visiting your crib and seeing a dumbbell, most of the time they’ll pick it up and do some crunches like they know sh*t right (lol)? Seriously tho, picking up a dumbbell does make you look more experienced in the gym (not that it matters). Instead of being one of the guys falling in line to use the bench press, just get a pair of dumbbells and do your stuff on one of those adjustable benches.


There you have it, there are a lot of advantages in getting yourself a pair of dumbbells, in fact these advantages will always be there all throughout your journey. I still have 4 sets of dumbbells at home that I still use from time to time and never had it crossed my mind to let my babies go. Anyways, it would be my humble pleasure to know that this article made up your mind to buy a pair of dumbbells. Tell me more about it by writing me an email saying hi @ . Keep on lifting your gains with dumbbells bro.

Eych Cudilla

Eych Cudilla

Eych is a father of two, a loving husband and a fitness enthusiast that is on a journey to get leaner and live a healthy adventurous lifestyle.

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