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The Keto Diet: High Fat, Moderate Protein, Low/Zero Carb


I’m sure that most of us would agree that the tastiest part of any pork dishes is the “taba”. You name it, the fatty part of pork adobo, liempo, porkchops and binagoongan baboy is so mouth-watering along with rice. Unfortunately along the fat’s recognized taste is its infamous bad rep. People tend to eat fat cautiously wanting to steer clear of cholesterol, high blood pressure, stroke and the worst case, death. This shouldn’t always be the case. What if I told you that you can induldge into fat, risk free and abundantly as much as you can, everyday? What if along with that, you’ll lose weight, specifically body fat?? If that sounds good to you, let me tell you more about the keto diet.

What is a Ketogenic Diet?

Ketogenic diet or “keto” is a diet that is focused on eating fat instead of carbs as a source of energy. Being scarce of glucose (that are made from carbs), a person’s body will be forced to find a different source of energy, which are ketone bodies. Ketones are produced by our liver by breaking down fats and stored body fats. Your daily keto diet composition on a full day meal should be 60%-70% fat 30-40% protein and zero carb intake (or no more than 50g of carbs if you really have to).

What are the benefits of a Keto Diet?

You will be surprised how effective this diet is. I’ve been juggling different kinds of diets throughout my fitness journey and I can say that the ketogenic diet is my favourite diet to indulge into. I’m going to focus on what I love about this diet and not going to go too scientific on this list.

1.     Obviously, weight loss! Keto makes you lose weight, fast!

You’re literally turning your body into a fat burning machine. Just think about it, you’re a vehicle that’s running on fats as fuel, believe me, you will burn a lot of fuel especially on an active lifestyle.


2.     Loss of appetite (In a good way) Keto helps you curb your appetite

The reason why you’re in a diet is because you’re cutting weight right? What more would you want than not to crave about food.  Believe me when I say that I’ve had days when I’m in deep ketosis that I’m forcing myself to eat just because I need the proteins for muscle retention post strength training workouts. Fat is very satisfying and would curb out your hunger longer than carbs, add up to the fact that you’re taking a lot of protein too, you will completely eliminate craving sooner than you think.


3.     Indulging great tasting food! Eat mouth-watering foods in Keto

This reason brings tears to my eyes. Man, I eat roasted liempo from 5 different rotisserie establishments throughout the week without the fear of having stroke lol.


4.     Keto reduces heart attack, decrease bad cholesterol and increase of good cholesterol

This one is a bit scientific, but you can read more about it if you google it!


5.     Unlimited Power!!! Keto diet greatly increases your energy

I had to write that meme lol but seriously, I really found myself with increased energy when I’m in this diet. In fact, on my first week in keto, I had a hard time sleeping (can’t be considered a benefit of course), but aside from that, I have been extra productive and rarely find myself burnt out.

So that’s basically what I can share about my experience about keto, there are way lot more benefits that you can find if you google it. These short list is more of my experience that I want to share and hopefully you’ll get to experience too. My most important advice is to stay hydrated, but those hydration salts if you must, you will lose a lot of water weight on your first week and most beginners go through a rough time being awfully dehydrated and feel sick (commonly called keto flu).

If you do find my article helpful and this particular diet worked for you, I would love to hear it. Please send send a hi to my email , I will appreciate it.

Eych Cudilla

Eych Cudilla

Eych is a father of two, a loving husband and a fitness enthusiast that is on a journey to get leaner and live a healthy adventurous lifestyle.

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