Fitness Journey: Taking Your First Steps Towards Weight Loss


Always the biggest question whenever we are trying to accomplish something. The first few steps are always the hardest, this is very true when it comes to fitness goals obviously because you will be forcing yourself to go through a complete shift of lifestyle that you are not used to in order to achieve it. What you will be doing in this first few steps are the most important, they will be your foundation for the long journey ahead. I’m going to share three tips that helped me start my journey and kept reaching my weight loss, fitness and health goals.


1. I asked myself why, set a date for my goal, then did it.


I have failed a lot of times trying to lose weight. What I’ve learned from this failures is its either I don’t have a good enough reason to keep on doing it or a goal to get excited about. I’ve always started motivated and hungry only to find my fire slowly dying out. Does your goal have to be a life and death situation in order for us to be successful? As silly as it may sounds, my motivation when I started my successful weight loss streak is because one of my bestfriend is about to get married. I just didn’t want to be the fat guy in a wedding photo. You see my friends are a good looking bunch and I will definitely stand out if I show up on their wedding, with a big F. I felt really threatened about the thought of it that I decided to lower my carbohydrate intake right away. I’ve set a goal that I shouldn’t be fat that day. As the day of my friend’s wedding comes nearer, I’ve started being more aggressive with my diet, cardio and got myself back to strength training again.

A good reason why you want to lose weight + a goal with a specific deadline = success.


2. I started slow and gained confidence by gradually improving myself.


Don’t get too hyped about it, over exerting while you’re body isn’t used to weight loss will shock you and will risk yourself into burning out. All I did when I started my weight loss streak is to remove rice from my diet, that doesn’t mean I cut my carb intake completely I just removed a common carb that I ate in a daily basis. After a week, I felt much more fitter, I gained the confidence to start doing 15 minutes of jump rope once again, 30 minutes a few days after then 45 mins where the last 15 minutes are HIIT. After 2 weeks of doing cardio, I jogged to a nearby gym with a month long membership worth in my wallet and signed up. Was I already in shape when I went to that gym? Hell no! But I knew I have improved a lot in the past 3 weeks. As expected, I was the most out of shape guy in the gym, but I was confident that I can improve even more and I needed the machines in that gym.


3. I did my best to research and continuously do my best to learn more.


Nothing will boost your confidence even more than equipping yourself with some good old knowledge. I researched about popular and effective diets before I eventually decided to try one. I do find all of them effective, so I tend to switch from one diet to another whenever the certain diet that I am on gets a little bit boring, or whenever I need to (e.g. going high protein low carb on my heavy lift week). Before I started signing up to a gym, I binge watched a lot of Youtube videos about proper lifting postures. Not only that was I excited to try out all those bicep workouts that you I saw on Youtube, I also saved myself from being that guy who is totally clueless on how to properly use the machines in your gym.


These three are basically what helped me get started in my most recent fitness journey. I know that it can be intimidating to start this huge big step of a lifelong commitment, just think about your goals and all the benefits that you will gain from it. You are already doing great finding my article and I hope these tips serve you as much as they were helpful to me. Wishing you the best from here on, believe in yourself, you can do it.

Eych Cudilla

Eych Cudilla

Eych is a father of two, a loving husband and a fitness enthusiast that is on a journey to get leaner and live a healthy adventurous lifestyle.


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