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Hi guys! My name is Hans and you can call me “H” (Eych), I design and develop websites professionally on a popular outsourcing website and I am also a cryptocurrency enthusiast. This little space in the web that I have here is my personal blog where I am hoping to share my fitness journey and my humble adventures with my family.

I do have to be upfront about it. I’m living a middle class mediocre life for our travels to be expensively classy, and my physique is far from being considered great to blog about. Even if these are the case I am still very inspired to write and share everything that I’ve learned and experienced. In fact, I believe that being in a middle class adds flavor to the information that I’ll be sharing here.

Traveling on a budget, Filipino middle class style

My family is an outdoor, adventurous bunch but given that my family has an average Filipino monthly income, we’ve learned to budget and save for such adventures. My blogzine can show you the ropes on how to get those special hotel deals, share awesome yet not expensive restaurants and I’ll do my best to list down costs/prices that you can expect so you can start saving for your upcoming vacation.

An effective, straight to the point weight loss blue print

I am currently 167 lbs. around 16-17% body fat as of writing this first post, I started my weight loss journey around 205 lbs. I have been consistently hitting the gym for strength training for months now and have tried a few diets that did obviously work. I am wish to spoon feed every information that I have learned and researched hopefully to motivate, inspire and make this weight loss goal (that poses to be a huge mountain for some) so much easier.

You have found it!

I will do my best for my blogzine to be informative enough to help you both in travel and in fitness. I am so excited to share a years worth of research and experience to you guys. I hope that my site can be of service. If you do feel like I did help in someway, I would appreciate receiving a message from you about it, kindly send me a hi to my email . I wish you all the best and enjoy my site!

Eych Cudilla

Eych Cudilla

Eych is a father of two, a loving husband and a fitness enthusiast that is on a journey to get leaner and live a healthy adventurous lifestyle.


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